Sunday, 30 August 2015

Night Nav Ex and a little lay in

Sometimes the simplest of things can bring us the most pleasure and such was the case of a recent little trip. The trip itself was a night nav ex with the aim to reach a night camp by about 0300 and then to get some sleep, however much darkness was left at the time on day two followed by a nice bimble back.

The hike itself was aimed at being a refresher for night hiking and map reading - the route across some of Dartmoor's more varied and challenging terrain.
And the reason I wasn't tucked up in bed like a sane individual, our first aid instructor is soon to be doing her Mountain Leader Course and needed to get some dirt time in.

For the hike itself I took my trusty old LK70 and a 50m length of climbing rope as well as my usual gear so my pack weighed in at approximately 24/26 kg while my companions pack was of a similar weight containing all the bits and pieces recommended for the ML course and her own luxury items.

The night hike was hard work in places especially where little used foot paths had been allowed to grow over or disappear all toward but we soldiered on and eventually reached our nights rest .... and what a cracking little place we found!
Hard to tell in the dark but we basha'd up and were soon blissfully in the land of nod. 1000hrs saw our camp finally come alive - we both agreed we slept very well indeed. Day light also confirmed what a beautiful location we had found.
Time however didn't allow for the poetic appreciation of our camp as we were soon saddled up and on the trail again.
Many more dusty miles and we reached the car at Widecombe on the Moor and a well earned bottle of fizzy drink to boot!

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